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Therapedia Centre is an art therapy and psychotherapy private practice, with skilled practitioners to help children, adolescents, and adults overcome their emotional, behavioral, and relational difficulties. 

Whether you are looking for art or play therapy for your school-aged child to equip them with tools to better manage overwhelming social setting, or are looking for extra support for your adolescent who is going through an identity crisis among other transitions towards adulthood, or are looking to improve your adult relationships (romantic, professional), our psychotherapists can help you achieve your goals. 

Our services are covered by government insurance for refugees in Ontario (IFHP) as well as Non Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) for Indigenous children, youth, and adults as well. 

Contact us to obtain more information about our individual and family art therapy and psychotherapy services.

Programs offered at Therapedia Centre


Psychotherapy services offered at our Centre are not covered by the OHIP card. However, you can be reimburse fully or partially for the psychotherapy services if you have private insurance. To ensure that your insurance company covers psychotherapy, please contact your insurance provider.

You can pay for the sessions by e-transfer, cash, or check and will receive the receipt following the receipt of the payment. Please note that the online appointments can only be paid by e-transfer.

IFHP (Interim Federal Health Program)

Our centre offers psychotherapy to children, teenagers, and adults who have an active file with IFHP under their refugee status. You can find out whether you are eligible for the psychotherapy services in Ontario here.

To book an appointment, speak to your family doctor and get a referral for psychotherapy.

You also need to provide your UCI number upon booking an appointment. The sessions are billed directly to the IFHP and clients do not need to pay for the sessions.

NIHB (Non-insured health benefits for First Nations and Inuit)

Our Centre offers psychotherapy services to the First Nations and Inuit, who reside in Canada and are registered under the Indian Act. To find out about your eligibility click here.

If you wish to book an appointment for yourself, your family, or your child, you can contact us directly. There is no need to provide a doctor’s referral.


This initiative is to ensure that the First Nations children residing in Canada, access the services and support, including the mental health services. A child under the age of majority (in Ontario, 18 years old) can benefit from receiving art therapy, play therapy, or other forms of therapy under Jordan Principle.

To find out who is covered under the Jordan Principle, click here. If you want to apply for a group coverage (for example art therapy for a school or a community), click here.

Therapedia Centre FAQ

How much is a therapy session in Canada?

The fee for psychotherapy and therapy services in Canada varies and is based on multiple factors such as the experience, training and speciality of the professional.


In Ontario, most insurance companies cover psychotherapy and psychology services. It is important to verify the coverage (percentage and amount) with your insurance company and to ensure whether you are covered for psychotherapy or psychology services prior to booking your first session.


 Is psychotherapy free in Canada? 


While you can find free psychotherapy services at the hospitals, CLSCs, and community centres in Canada, the private clinics provide psychotherapy services at a fee. 


In Ontario, OHIP does not cover psychotherapy at private clinics. In Quebec, Carte Maladie does not cover counselling/therapy services at private clinics.

How much does a psychotherapist charge per hour in Canada?

Psychotherapists charge different fees depending on their educational background, years of practice, and expertise. The best way to find out about the fee is to contact the psychotherapist directly. Most psychotherapists in Toronto offer a free 15-30 minutes consultation to find out whether they can help the client and to explain their approach to the potential client.

It is not unusual for psychotherapists to offer a sliding scale fee. You can find psychotherapists who offer sliding scale by narrowing down your search for this option.

What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychotherapist?

In Ontario, the title of a psychotherapist is reserved for a professional who is a member in good standing of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Psychotherapists offer their services in an individual, couple, and family setting to help individuals improve their emotional, behavioral, and relational functioning. 

Psychotherapists can apply a variety of interventions and techniques from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, Attachment theories, Humanistic therapies, and Systemic approaches in their practice.


A psychologist in Ontario is a member in good standing of the College of Psychologists of Ontario. They are trained in assessment, treatment, and prevention of mental health conditions. They can diagnose mental health disorders and administer assessments, including psycho-educational assessments.

What does the psychotherapist do?

Psychotherapists can help their clients identify negative patterns of behavior, maladaptive thought patterns, and destructive emotions. The goal of a psychotherapy session is to help the client make positive changes in their personal life and interpersonal relationships. Psychotherapists use a variety of approaches in helping their clients, which includes CBT, Psychodynamic, Systemic, and Humanistic.

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