Life / Business Coach

Who is a life coach?

A life coach is someone who encourages development towards future goals in areas of life that a person wants to change. The coach is there to help identify what those goals are and be direct in their approach to motivate and encourage their client to strive for them. The coach does more than give advice or impart wisdom; they work with the client to connect their ideas and encourage them to be introspective and insightful to find their next step and move forward. The clients of coaching may already be seeing a therapist and therefore it important to be distinct about how the role of the coach is different from the role of the therapist. In therapy, the focus is generally events in the past effecting the present, and the therapist is there to help the client understand how the past has influenced their current state so they can overcome that. The life coach focuses on the future and steps that their client can take in the moment to achieve their goals by asking direct questions and providing guidance to the client to form their own plans and strategies. The life coach is seeking immediate actionable change for their clients to meet their goals and will work with them to promote these behaviours. A great coach will have a proven track record of motivating people towards success and will seek out opportunities to become experts in this field. They also would be able to refer you to see a therapist if the content of the sessions was outside their realm, and would be professional and ethical in their encouragement for you to become your best self.

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