Who is a psychotherapist?

A psychotherapist is a mental health practitioner, who helps their clients by treating their emotional problems. Most psychotherapists use verbal therapy as their main method of practice, while some of them may combine other methods of therapy such as creative art therapies, EMDR, etc in their practice. A psychotherapist helps identify patterns of behavior and recurring issues in the client’s life and in a collaborative therapy work, helps clients overcome their past issues and to focus on their current/future behaviors, actions, and thought processes. A psychotherapist may use a variety of approaches and therapeutic techniques in their session including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Attachment theories, Solution-Focused Therapy, etc.

A psychotherapist generally holds a Masters degree and has to be a member of an order (e.g., College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario) to be able to practice. A psychotherapist is often trained in working with individuals of different age groups with various conditions such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, anger management, couples issues and relational problems, childhood events (including traumatic events), PTSD, etc.

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